Lab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is CNET Shared User Facility?

  • The CNET Shared User Facility is located on the first floor of Kimball Hall on the Engineering Quad, along with the CNET administrative offices.

What is the Shared User Facility phone number?

  • 607-255-8703
  • Facility Manager: 607-255-6667

Who can use CNET Shared User Facility ?

  • The CNET Shared User Facility is open to the Cornell University Community and public users.

What are the required safety courses that I must complete before using the Shared User facility?

  • CNET’s online Safety orientation
  • Cornell General Laboratory Safety class (EH&S);
  • Cornell Chemical Waste Disposal class (EH&S);
  • Cornell Cryogenics Safety Class (EH&S);
  • Cornell Compressed Gas Safety Class (EH&S)

What are the hours of lab operation?

  • The laboratory generally operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including most holidays.

How can users enter the labs?

  • Authorized users may enter the Shared User Facility via two proximity card-controlled doors. The entrance to the dry and wet laboratories is located at the south end of the Kimball Hall public corridor. The entrance to the scale up facility is via the east side of the Kimball Hall public corridor. Entrance to the building after hours and on weekends is by card-reader at the front door of adjacent Thurston Hall.

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